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  • March 2, 2016

University of Cincinnati researchers are part of a team of scientists from around the globe that are studying the genetic makeup of bed bugs hoping to develop an insecticide that can safely eradicate the bed bug pests for good.

Bed Bug Heat Remediation

Dr. Joshua Benoit, professor at UC’s Department of Biological Sciences, has been working alongside the International Bed Bug Genome Project to find a reliable ways to combat the resurgence of bed bugs, which have plagued Ohio as well as many other states. Benoit and his team will examine the bed bug’s genome in search of more effective ways to kill them.

Benoit commented on the project stating; “The project involved the sequencing of the bed bug genome with the goal of identifying novel pest control methods and helping to expand research on this pest”.

Bed bugs were nearly wiped out in the 1940s and 1950s when the chemical DDT was used to treat infestations. However due to environmental concerns DDT was agriculturally banned in 1972 and then banned worldwide in 2001 at the Stockholm Convention.

Benoit claims that “The bed bug resurgence has been linked to increased international travel, exchange of second-hand materials, improper education on issues related to bed bugs, and the evolution of resistance to all major classes of insecticides.”

Despite being only a minor health risk themselves the effects of bed bugs can be severe and extermination can be costly if not treated in time.

Benoit is optimistic that eventually bed bugs can be eradicated but that “…Elimination would require more effective integrated pest management strategies.”

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