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  • March 9, 2016

A southwest Atlanta senior complex is currently battling a difficult bed bug infestation.


The residents at the Big Bethel Village Senior Housing Community have been struggling with bed bugs periodically on few occasions over the past few years. Rod Bolen’s mother who is 94 years old claims stated that his mother’s unit had been infested with bed bugs about a year ago and then after a short period with no issues, the bed bugs appeared again about nine months later.

Bolden was quoted as saying; “It has affected my mother to the point where she can’t even sleep in her bed, so she was sleeping in her chair,”.

According to Bolden the bed bug issue is not limited to his mother’s unit and that several units are in fact infested with bed bugs.

Some believe that management is handling the bed bug situation at Big Bethel Village appropriately while others like Bolden claim more proactive defense against the bloodsuckers is needed.

Bolden claims that his mother’s apartment has been treated on three separate occasions but the bed bugs are still present so Bolden is currently trying to find her a new home. Specifically Bolden said; “I want my mother to get a good night’s sleep. She’s 94 years old. She pays $1,000 a month. She is deserving of a good night’s sleep there. She doesn’t deserve to sleep in a chair. She doesn’t deserve to go down to the common area and be infested by bed bugs.”

Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate if improperly handled so it is important to contact a bed bug control professional at the first sign of infestation. If located in California contact the bed bug control experts at Bed Bug Solutions!

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