What is NESDCA Certification?


Our canines are NESDCA certified!

Bed Bug Solutions canine scent detecting teams were certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) — the only accredited bed bug training association in the U.S.. The standards that are being utilized by NESDCA are based upon research on canine scent detection conducted by scientists at The University of Florida, Department of Entomology. This association provides the insurance that the training facilities, training methods, and dog/handler teams have met the high standards set by NESDCA.

NESDCA certified teams are recognized nationwide as the leader in ensuring that a canine inspection team is properly trained and equipped to best inspect your home or office.

Our teams were certified together. NESDCA does not certify dogs or trainers individually. Instead, they certify trainer-canine teams to solidify their bond and increase their success rate. Using a combination of commands and visual queues, our canine/human teams actually work very closely together to get the job done.

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