How It Works


Bed Bug Solutions canines like Leroy are single-scent trained.

Our Canine-Human Teams

Bed Bug Solutions canines like Leroy are single-scent trained. They are able to detect the presence of a single bed bug in places that a human inspector cannot see or physically access such as cracks and crevices.

They will sweep your entire building including every bedroom, common area, living area, laundry facility, office, hallway and closet to determine where bed bugs are potentially hiding. Every inch of your home or office can act as a breeding ground for bed bugs – they can even live in the binding of books siting on your bookshelf. But they can’t hide from Leroy. If bed bugs are in your home or office, Leroy will find them.

When our canines do detect the presence of bed bugs, they alert their human detection partner, who then takes the time to visually confirm if the pests are there. The findings will be detailed to you in a comprehensive report mapping the exact location and severity of the problem. From there, our team of experts will put together an eradication plan to help you rid yourself of bed bugs once and for all.

To get started, give us a call at (800) 871-9878.

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