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  • March 7, 2016
Bed Bug Heat Remediation

Despite the fact that the Klentzman Intermediate School has continued educating as usual, the state of the school is anything but normal with the onset of a concerning bed bug invasion!

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As parents gathered to greet their children outside of school recently many were unaware of the bed bug infestation on campus until reading the letter sent home with students.

One parent was quoted as stating; “It’s a great concern, I’m worried”, rightfully so as bed bugs can be troublesome to eradicate if not dealt with properly.

Bed bugs have been infesting the Klentzman School for multiple weeks and many parents and school officials are worried the bed bug issue could be getting worse. Parent Rose Shepperd is quoted as saying; “It makes me very worried because it can get into her clothes, it can get into anything that she can bring home.”

No one knows exactly how the bed bug outbreak began but the district is now doing everything they can to try to rid the school of the bloodsucking pest. Among the precautions the school is taking is placing students’ backpacks and lunch pails in plastic bags and sending periodic notes home to parents to update them on the bed bug situation.

Additionally the school will be bringing in extra cleanup crews on the weekend and plan on using heat treatment to eliminate the pest.

Many parents and school officials believe that if the heat treatment is conducted properly the bed bugs will just be a nightmare gone by.

If you have bed bugs at your home and would like to consider using a heat remediation method make sure to contact abed bug control professional to properly eradicate the pest. If located in California contact the heat remediation and bed bug control experts at Bed Bug Solutions!

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