Canine vs. Human Detection Rate


Accuracy of Canine Detection

98% vs. 15%

Canine Scent Detection is the most accurate way to discover the presence of bed bugs in your home or office.

Bed bugs are tiny – they range from 1 millimeter long to 6.5 millimeters long. They can live in the most obscure places like the binding of books, cracks and crevices, embedded in your mattress, between seat cushion and in the seems of doors. Because of this, standard human detection is only about 15%-30% accurate.

Luckily, bed bugs emit a distinct microscopic odor. While it is impossible for the human nose to smell it, the powerful olfactory system of beagles can pick up on the scent. The training that beagles like Leroy – one of Bed Bug Solutions scent detecting canines – receive from the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) allows them to hone in on the scent of just a single bed bug living in your home or office.

As a result, Bed Bug Solutions canine/human teams have a detection success rate of up to 98% – or upwards of 83% more accurate than standard human detection. That means that canines like Leroy are the most powerful tool we can offer in detecting the presence of bed bugs living in your home or office!

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