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  • March 4, 2016

A Sacramento county couple is living in a rented apartment infested with bed bugs and their landlord is doing nothing to eliminate the problem.


Renters Alyssa and Charles Reynolds claim that when they spoke up to management about the bed bug infestation at the Royal Crest Apartments they were told to pay with their own money for an exterminator.

The Reynolds believe that the responsibility lies on the property owner and after checking with Sacramento County, they realized that they were correct in their assumption.

Sacramento County Code Enforcement Officer Jose Mendez stated that; “We would hold the property owner accountable for any substandard housing conditions,”. Mendez also added that that would also include paying for any damages caused.

The Royal Crest Apartments are no stranger to controversy as audit inspectors have found dozens of other problems outside of bedbugs including cockroaches, dry rot, an unstable balcony wall, and more.

Sacramento County code enforcement officers are calling the bed bug situation at Royal Crest a high priority and officials will be back soon to inspect the property again to see if the owners had made the necessary improvements.

Royal Crest declined to comment on the issue and the Reynolds are waiting for rescuing from their bed bug nightmare.

If you have a bed bug nightmare of your own to worry about make sure to contact a bed bug control expert in your area to eradicate the pest. If located in Los Angeles contact the bed bug control experts at Bed Bug Solutions!

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