Why Canine Scent Detection?


With an 98% detection accuracy rate, we will find your bed bugs!
Canine Scent Detection

Trained scent detection dogs have been around for years. They’re used in a variety of very effective ways – like sniffing out drugs, bombs and termites. So why not bed bugs?

A certified, well-trained bed bug dog can detect and identify the presence of just one bed bug. They can also discern the difference between live bed bugs and active eggs from dead bed bugs or the remnants of a past bed bug extermination.

Some scent detecting bed bug dogs are trained to detect multiple scents like mold and bed bugs, for example. This can lead to some false positive finding and lowered accuracy, as it can be near impossible to tell if the canine has detected one scent over another. However, Bed Bug Solutions certified bed bug dogs teams are single-scent trained, meaning they have only been trained to identify the presence of bed bugs – not other scents that may also be present and causing interference.

Our Bed Bug Scent detecting dogs work by sniffing out areas of the home that bed bugs are likely to be in and unlikely for a human to find, like in an outlet, behind a baseboard or hidden along a carpet tack strip.
Once our canine detects the scent of bed bugs, the trained human partner then works to verify the finding with a visual positive identification of live bed bugs. This could involve removing the mattress and box spring, taking off the outlet switch or carefully going through a pile of stuffed animals, for example.

Scent detection by Bed Bug Canines add a whole new dimension to the inspection. Bed bugs that might escape visual detection by a human may be detected by a bed bug sniffing dog and vice versa. The more bed bug detection tools we can deploy for you, the more likely we are to detect infestations early when bed bugs are the easiest to control.

The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) is the only accredited bed bug training facility in the U.S. They train not only the scent-detecting canines, but also their human counterparts. Doing so ensures that each pair can work as a united team with high results.

The standards that are being utilized by NESDCA are based upon research on canine scent detection conducted by scientists at The University of Florida, Department of Entomology. This association provides the insurance that the training facilities, training methods, and dog/handler teams have met the high standards set by NESDCA.

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